Friday, March 23, 2018

Engineering: Bridge failure

2nd video:

1st video:

Down to earth explanations on the failure.

An upcoming Easter egg

The window narrows:

China's Tiangong-1 space lab will likely fall to Earth between March 30 and April 2, according to the latest prediction by the European Space Agency's (ESA) Space Debris Office in Darmstadt, Germany.

Prepare to wear bits of space junk.  Still anywhere from 43N to 43S.

Some Easter egg.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

National MP's: Wrong f*cking answer!

There was only ever one correct answer to today's question.

Bridges is the wrong choice to get this voter's attention. 

As as for your choice of deputy...

Time for JC to break right and ditch the Nat wets.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Would be thieves squabbling over spoils

A heads up for any Nats squabbling over the spoils after the useless Mr Double Dipper departs for Dipton.

To get my vote you'll need to continue where Don Brash left off before the nice Mr Key shafted him.  And you'll need to stop being leftards chasing votes.  Get back to the right of centre and adopt all the party principles that you've abandoned over the past decade.

He also believed being Maori meant he had broad appeal.

"I understand my whakapapa. As a minister, I've spent a lot of time with iwi. This is something I understand the interest in."

In my book, pretender to the throne Bridges has soiled his dance card already today rabbitting on about 'iwi relations and lineage'.  Coleman, the other one sitting in the wings without declaring his intent is not an option.  Too smarmy for my liking.  The others - forget it!  You're not in the game.

The country needs someone with business experience and the balls to put archaic union practices and natives with their endless 'full and final' handouts in their places.  Kowtowing to minorities using race as your calling card will only lead to apartheid.  We've just had a decade of your Finlayson doing just that.

I see JC currently being the only option to get my well right of centre vote, but we haven't heard from her on those crucial topics.

You've got 30 months to get my vote.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

WTF? - #001 in a series

In yesterday's rag:
the storm lashing the country will create the perfect conditions for kauri dieback to spread in the Waitākere Ranges, an Auckland iwi says.

Te Kawerau a Maki performed a rāhui ceremony in early December to help stop the spread of kauri dieback in the West Auckland rainforest. 

A rāhui is a form of tapu restricting access to an area.

WTF?  I'd say they're another group looking for a cash handout whilst trying to enforce Stone Age practices with zero mandate believing they are witnessing another New Zealand species extinction.

with hundreds of visitors still visiting the 16,000 hectare forest, ... the wet conditions were perfect for spreading the killer disease

The general public rightly thinks "Up yours!".    Also the local council is having a bob each way sitting on the fence knowing the the public will never wear full closure whilst trying to pander to the natives.

I've always wondered how the Agatha Australis weeds that infest many a Titirangi section seem to thrive with zero dieback evidence in spite of close human contact on puggy clay.  They seem to survive OK even with trespassing rabid feral greenies roosting in them.

Their bigger cousins up the road are apparently succumbing to an early grave.  Maybe it's the natural cycle of such forest giants.  All that tens-of-centuries-old swamp kauri had to come from somewhere.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Deluded MSM: "Monster storm" [updated]

Been lightly raining in these parts since 0230.  Nothing unexpected, even under the solid blue rain radar of Metservice.  Barely 20mm in 8 hours, the farm drains have only just filled with running water in the past hour.  Unfortunately looks like it will ease in a couple of hours, it is almost clear of the murder capital of NZ (Kaitaia).

Campers in West Auckland and Coromandel have been told to evacuate or risk being caught up in a monster storm due to hit the region today

So much for the media beatup of a monster storm.  Certainly no Bola or Giselle, barely worth getting wet to check things like water tanks are functioning.  And zero wind - 10 knots at the most.

A load of media bollocks looking to fill the holiday pages of their rags.

A total of 85mm over a day and half.  Looks to be clearing from the West, a couple of half decent sub 50 knots puffs.  So much for the "monster" - nothing to get exercised over - an expected and normal easterly for this time of the year.

Enjoyed the idiot box entertainment seeing nutters living on low lying coastal land waiting for the cavalry to arrive and fix their now flooded overpriced baches.  Ever thought of moving away from the eroding seafront?

And to keep the "it's all climate change fault" meme going at full steam, Taxcinda has an article.  When it gets to around 100 knots + I'll take notice of weather.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The hordes depart

Summer Hols are at an end in the Far North today as the lemmings queue to rush southward to service those Jafaland mortgages.

Already in the dogbox...

Happy New Year!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Keeping an eye on dodgy government appointees, crony-by-crony!

Occasionally I trawl the sewers of the feral left.  Just so you don't have to.

With Aunty Snaggletooth was recently seen in the news pleading with an ancient recently touted as 'the fresh face of Labour' for some freebie dentistry (supposedly not affordable on her top 0.00001% wage), I hear H2 has also been installed in Snaggletooth Junior's retinue of political cronies.  Or was it crones?

Anyway here's another crony about to reap a massive taxpayer stipend.  Not content with buggering the NZ economy with KiwiRail I thought he already had another overpaid job buggering NZ Post.

Former Labour Finance Minister Sir Michael Cullen will chair the Government's controversial tax working group

I guess this leftie blog post will be shortly updated to reflect the current state of affairs.  /sarc

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ready for your taste of leftie sword?

Winston goes with the toothy cow and the sodding treehuggers.

God help this country!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Winston's first blood?

Some might say jumped before being pushed?

Bill English's chief of staff Wayne Eagleson has resigned

First blood in the upcoming horse trading.  

And that the question of who leaked Winston's super details pre-election will no longer be an issue.  Will there be any more?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Whew! Picked the winner.

My long held view that WinstonFirst would be the necessary disrupter is now about to happen.  Picked that winner!

Unfortunately Northland didn't hold it's nerve and re-elect him, preferring some unknown with two blue ticks. 

He may have lost his seat with 7.9% but leads 9 MPs into the new Parliament to make Billy Boy a king. 

Some might say to make horse features a Queen.  I still doubt he'll go near anything with a tree hugger or a three way split featuring rainbows and unicorns being micro-managed by H1.

Some good news though. 

The racist party has gone "back to the mothership for more abuse" and in doing so it are out of the game.  No more "our people" this and that.

The Graft party still hugs onto the rotten corpse of a self-confessed fraud.  Bar the feral tree hugging core, the overall numbers show what the electorate thought of that.   Good news, the fraud is out with the populace eagerly awaiting her next chapter, possibly with criminal charges. Mind you, the possible new entry is trying already to mark her territory by coming out swinging with "I wouldn't say he's super representative of the youth of today".

Meanwhile the sharks are already circling.

Cannot wait to watch the rabid left go into meltdown as they watch years 9 to 12 of 'the neo-liberal experiment' work for all under the newly crowned King of New Zealand.

A great result for the winner.  As I have long held, never underestimate Winnie!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

And why not? [updated]

"let wives take a day off from the kitchen"

Whilst Uber is apologising profusely for being male, it is a pity here in New Zealand we don't keep more wives out of politics and barefoot in the kitchen.

voters "cannot be this thick"

20 per cent of the population moves in 24 hours on a smiley face. You look at it and you go - 'Jesus, they cannot be this thick'."

The Pussy Slayer agrees.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The picture shows it all

I've done the TVNZ (partisan leftie MSM) Vote Compass multiple times over the past few weeks.  No matter how I look at things, I always end up in the bottom right corner.  Although I was subjected to probably what you'd call a socially conservative god-bothering upbringing, many years on from there it certainly doesn't feature large in any of my current life.

In the top left corner we have the rabid Left.  Ferals the lot of them, full of entitled fraudulent, racist communists and queers who want to tax me into oblivion.  And make me pay for any white male colonial guilt I might feel along with my supposed ozone f**king farming practices.   No amount of bribes could ever entice me to vote for any offering from this corner.

We have a number of outliers - UNF, ACT which seem to end up at the trough but as always are holding on by their fingernails.  Usually put there because of dirty political deals.  As for the CON party, the people that jumped to this wagon were violently shafted with the allegations / shenanigans of their past leader from which their party will never recover.  Anyway too many god-botherers in this one for me.

Then we have NZF.  Some say a one man band, but look at the graph.  Slightly left, but still bang on the centre, no wonder LabourLite is so worried about them.  A minor leftward shift would favour them and hopefully make them kingmaker.  And WinstonFirst will look after himself.  Generation Snowflake needs a taste of the leftie sword.

Then we have the bottom right corner where I need someone to represent me.  The fence sitting LabourLite doesn't do it for me as they continually pander to their other BFF.  Yes, the Maori Party.  The Nats did once have principles but then they sold them and their integrity buying votes through their racist BFF.

So where to go?  Rainbows and unicorns from the left?  Eff off!  LabourLite or Boy Wonder of ACT.  No way - just voting for the same old.  And they're likely to think they've got the mandate for more of the same.

No, NZF it is.  As I've said before Two ticks black to disrupt the game.   Forcing LabourLite back to principles and more into my corner as a more plausible rightward offering long term.